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Publications, guides and toolkits

This page has useful publications, guides and toolkits on a range of topics.

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New Zealand

Creative New Zealand Community Arts Tool Kit

Community arts are created by, with and for a community. Creative New Zealand Community Arts Tool Kit: Keteparaha Mō Ngā Toi Hapori includes videos of New Zealanders sharing their experiences and what they've learned. There are also tip sheets, tools, and examples of successful projects and events to get you inspired. Visit Creative New Zealand's website 

Community Development Resource Kit

The Community Development Resource Kit is a comprehensive guide to setting up and running community groups in New Zealand. It is for community, voluntary and iwi/Māori organisations, from small or emerging groups to more established organisations, and all the workers, volunteers and advisors working with these groups. This information is located on the CommunityNet Aotearoa website, an online hub of resources designed to strengthen organisations and communities.

Changing the story on arts, culture and creativity in Aotearoa

"Focus your communication on people who are open to persuasion" is one piece of advice in this arts advocates guide, published by Creative New Zealand. Changing the story on arts, culture and creativity in Aotearoa will support creative spaces to have a collective voice and build support for a future where artists and creativity thrive so all New Zealanders flourish. It's full of practical tips to help creative spaces do this. Read the guide

Demonstrating the value of your work

Creative & INCredible Aotearoa aims to support artists and arts organisations to demonstrate the value of their work. Described as a basic 101 level resource, it helps you explore such things as gathering data and evidence; ways to tell stories about your work; and how to access support and links to further resources. It was created by Amber Walls and Rachael Trotman.

Creative & INCredible Aotearoa


Accessibility in the arts: a promise and a practice

This guide is focused on the capacity of small-scale arts organisations to meet the needs of disabled communities. It details ways that disabled people are excluded from cultural spaces and offers possible solutions to those barriers. This 36-page guide to accessibility, published in the US, says that sometimes organisations list access information in the “About” or “Info” section of their websites instead of featuring it prominently on the homepage. “The only thing more inaccessible than an inaccessible space is not providing information about how the space is structured.” Read more 





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