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This tukutuku work was made collectively by the people of Te Mana Tangata, a programme led by master weaver Moana Harrison in Coromandel Town for the Artists in the Making creative space. Arts Access Aotearoa chose this work to represent the strength, inclusion and vibrancy of the Creative Spaces Network.

Moana Harrison writes:

I asked the collective to decide on a kaupapa for our design. We decided on Te Mana Tangata and what it means to the artists from Artists in the Making involved in the project. 

We talked about the 12 universal Māori patterns used in raranga, which includes korowai, piupiu, kete whakairo, whariki, taaniko and tukutuku.

We also discussed the meaning of each pattern and how to relate them to our design. This included the  meanings of colours and specific stitches that all combine to tell the story of the design and our kaupapa.

The colour blue of the dowel represents Hauraki: our tupuna (ancestors) used blue for their Ta Moko (tattoo) distinctive to Hauraki.

Red represents Tumatauenga, the god of war and the god of man, and the blood shed for this land.

Black represents Te Po/the nothingness from which we all descend.

White represents Te Ao/our world. 

We decided on a few patterns for our design. These are: 

  1. Taki Toru – long single stitches in groups of three. It represents communication: who are you, where do you come from and where are you going?
  2. Waharoa Kopito – diamond shapes interlocking. This represents intermarriage of tribes, and the birth of hapū and iwi.
  3. Purapura Whetu/the stars – cross stitches represents people: "As many stars in the sky are people on earth"
  4. Ara Moana – our waters, our rich resources. 

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